Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Zoella Beauty - Soak Opera and Fizz Bar

I have a review for you today!

A picture of Zoella soak opera and fizz bar

I know the Zoella Beauty range is all over the bloggersphere already but I picked these up because it's my first mothers day and my hubby promised me a bath to myself! (I get in the bath with my baby, so it has his baby bubbles in. I know it's not recommended blah, blah, blah, but my hubby passes him in to me, it's what works for us and keeps our little family happy) needless to say it excited me greatly and I wanted something new for my special bath! 

A picture of a Zoella bubbly bath!

As you can see from the photo above (please excuse my piles of products around my bath!) , I used the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera to make this awesome amount of bubbles (well, my hubby ran the bath for me). This may seem silly to some but I took this picture because I have bubble trouble. I come from Manchester, in the north, where our water is lovely and soft and makes lots of lovely bubbles just by showing the water the bubble bath (okay, slight over exaggeration but you get the gist!) but since I moved to Stoke, where the water is harder I can't for the life of me run a bubbly bath! So getting this amount of bubbles made me very, very happy! 

The scent of this is a lovely, sweet floral smell which I seriously love! Smell is very subjective mind, so a downside to this would be if you don't like the smell, then the whole range of bath stuff is not going to appeal to you as its the same across the lot. However, I was impressed by how soft and nice my skin felt after I got out of the bath, I read on the bottle that it contains vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe extracts that claim to soften and condition the skin, I was sceptical but actually I have to agree with that and it does this is such a way that doesn't leave a residue making you feel slimy.

Photo of fizz bar

Now on to the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar. The chocolate bar design is very cute and it gave my bath an added boost of that lovely scent (not that it needed it, with just the bubbles you could really smell it). I think it goes without mentioning that I enjoyed watching the fizzer fizz! The best thing about this is that you get more than one go out it. You could if you really wanted throw the whole thing in or you can break it up however you want, if you only used one at a time you'd get 8 uses out of it which is great, that brings me to my one sticking point, and that is that I found it really hard to break up, I'm quite a weakling though and lucky for me I have a macho, strong husband to break it for me!   

Now the Zoella Beauty range isn't the cheapest in the world but it certainly isn't the most expensive, for me it's a price tag I'm willing to pay for a treat and when you compare the fizz bar with a bath bomb from Lush for example, you pay a similar price but can only use a bath bomb once. You get 490ml of product in the soak opera so you do get plenty for your pennies!

You can get your mitts on Zoella Beauty Soak Opera HERE and the Fizz Bar HERE both for £5 each. 

Thanks for reading!

Wench x

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