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Hello! Welcome to my little slice of internet! I have decided to write this blog as I love reading beauty blogs but found that most of them concentrate on higher end products that, as a new, young mother are just out of my price range. I'm also one of those people who would much prefer 3 lipsticks rather than just one! Like everybody I occasionally treat myself to something that's a bit more special and more expensive than my usual purchases but these are more carefully considered products that I've read up on to make sure their worth the money! Whether expensive or budget, there's nothing worse than getting all excited about a new purchase, only to realise it's rubbish, so hopefully we can help each other out! Want to know more? See my first post HERE     

So here I am! You'll have to excuse me as I don't have a fancy camera or any other fancy gadgets or tech! I'm a noob and still learning so be patient with me and I'm sure I'll get better with time!

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