Sunday, 15 March 2015

Re-Gen Cream

Bargain alert! Bargain alert!

Today I bring you a rediscovery of mine in the form of Re-Gen Cream, and trust me this stuff is AMAZING! I paid £3.99 for mine and it's essentially bargain Bio Oil! I have it in cream form but you can also get it as an oil, a definite Bio Oil dupe right there! I haven't tried the oil personally but I love the cream. The quandary I was having was that I wanted something intense, like Bio Oil, but not greasy and oily, like I found Bio Oil to be. You know when you pick up a product you haven't used for ages and think why did you ever stop using that? This is one of them for me. 

Enter Re-Gen CreamI think I'm addicted to the smell of this stuff, you can smell the lavender in it but it's not over-powering, it has a kind of old-fashioned, primrose-y, face cream smell to it but not the horrible kind (if that makes any sense to anybody) it's a Bio Oil-y smell (shock-shock!) but the scent is quite strong so this may be a turn off for some people. it can be used on your face and body which is excellent and it contains lots of ingredients that skin just loves including vitamin E, lavender, calendula, chamomile, and rosemary oil it also contains PCL liquid which is an active ingredient for skin regeneration. It claims to help and reduce stretch marks, help improve the condition of skin with scars, improve sagging and wrinkled skin, protect against the drying effects of wind and water, moisturise skin, reduce blemishes and pigmentation and make skin soft and supple. 

I have to say I agree with most of this statement. I can't say how it works for sagging, wrinkled skin because I haven't got any (at least I hope not!) and I haven't tested it out against wind and rain or used it on scars but I have to say when I used it on my face it didn't break me out which I thought it would. I have combination skin, my T-zone in particular suffers with extra oiliness and the thought of putting a cream that's similar to Bio Oil on my face did make me wince but I'm glad I did. Existing blemishes and marks faded considerably, it left my skin lovely, soft and moisturised and made a great base for make up. I wish I had thought of this during my pregnancy as I now have lots of stretch marks but I hoping Re-Gen Cream is going to make good on it's claims to help reduce stretch marks!

In short, this is a great multi-purpose cream for face and body.  

I have seen this cream for around the £3.99 mark in Body Care and Home Bargains or you can get it HERE  

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