Monday, 16 March 2015

Mother's Day!

Good morning! Just a quick post that I hope you don't mind me sharing! 

I hope all you Mummy's of the world had a lovely mother's day yesterday?! I celebrated my very first mother's day yesterday and I was very spoilt indeed! I got a lovely card with my babies very first (and very scrunchy!) hand print.

A photo of my first mother's day card

My hubz made me facon (fake bacon - I'm a veggie you see!) butties for brekkie and I got some lovely flowers, new PJ's (I not-so-subtlety hinted at!), a cute little bear, and a little plant.  

a photo of my mother's day gifts

My husband made me a special fake steak tea (lots of fake veggie food going on!) and even ran me a nice, relaxing bubble bath (I have a post on that coming up!). I was treated like a princess but most importantly I got to have lots of cuddles with my special little guy! 

A photo of my sleeping baby!

It was all a bit much for some!

I hope you didn't mind me sharing a few snaps of my first mothers day with you. I had a great day and wanted to share it with you!

Thanks for reading!

Wench x 

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