Just a few things I think you should know

  • Any free samples, PR etc will be marked with a " * "
  • All opinions expressed in this blog are all my own honest opinions. Nothing can secure a positive review, I will never write a positive review in exchange for any type of compensation. 
  • I will only accept items, sponsorship, advertising etc if I feel it is in keeping with the theme of the blog and feel it is right for me.
  • Any sponsored posts will be clearly marked.
  • There may be links included in this blog that I could benefit from.
  • I do work in a high street store however this company is not associated with my blog in any way, I do not have any bias, one way or the other, towards the company I work for but please be aware that I receive a small discount on purchases I make there as a member of staff.
  • I have worked in store for nearly 10 years and have extensive product knowledge and experience.    

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