Friday, 20 March 2015

Freebie Friday! #3

Hello Wonderer's! It's that time of week again! 

A photo of some free goodies from Lush

So this time we're talking store freebies, and today's instalment is a gush about Lush! I was in Lush yesterday picking up a gift for my sister-in-law and I received great customer service, they asked if I was okay and when I said I was just tooting they left me to do so. When I was actively looking for something they asked if I needed help and the lady I spoke with was really obliging and helpful and had great product knowledge. 

Now this brings me to my point, when I asked the lady for the sea salt shampoo I was looking for she took me to it and she was telling me about it. We we're chatting about it for a bit and then she was like "why don't I give you some to try first and then you can buy it if you like it." I was really impressed by this, I'm sure it's something they'll do regularly and in Lush they have pots of stuff open for you to sniff and play with but I never knew they did this. It makes sense because if I like I will go back and buy it. What's more, is this was before I'd even picked anything up to buy so it wasn't even a "well since your buying stuff we'll give you this" scenario if you know what I mean. She gave me a sample of the Big sea salt shampoo and the sea salt spray (I don't think this had a specific name other than sea salt spray!). It obviously depends where you are, there probably not going to give samples away in Poundland but if your lucky and your visiting a make up or fragrance counter, even Lush or places like it you might go home with something good to try out!

I think there's a lesson we can learn here, I'm not saying walk into stores demanding samples because you'll probably get no where and that's just cheeky but that a bit of friendliness can go a long way and you might be surprised what comes your way from something as simple as a smile!   
 Have you had any good freebies recently?

Thanks for reading,

Wench x 

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