Sunday, 20 March 2016

NEW! The Falsies Push Up Mascara

a photo of the falsies push up drama mascara

I've had quite a few Maybelline mascaras and always liked them so when I saw they had a new one out it piqued my interest.

And while me and my mum were out shopping one day she bought me one because she's a sweetie and it was buy one get one half price so we both had one!

The Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara* claims to give dramatic lift to the lashes for a pushed up effect. The brush has cup shaped bristles which scoops and lifts lashes and the formula itself delivers instant volume and holds the lift in place. 

a photo of the falsies push up mascara brush

I have to disagree with the claims here, I can't say I noticed any extra curl or lift to my lashes and the volume is pretty non-existent. My lashes are naturally long (lucky me!) so volumising mascaras is really where it's at for me but they do mascaras that are a lot better for volume than this one (the Rocket, Colossal, and the original Falsies all spring to mind). I find the brush holds too much product and while the plastic bristle brush is really good for getting right into the root of the lashes for separation it leaves clumps of mascara in my eyelashes which is not a good look! I've tried to persevere to see if it gets better in time (like the Lash Sensational mascara seems to do) but for me it's just getting worse and leaving more and more clumps to the point where I'm probably going to bin it (and I'm a make up collector, its rare I bin something I've not used up!).

I always find mascaras to be very much a personal thing in that I might love one and the next person might hate it so it's something to bear in mind but for me this one just doesn't cut it!

Have you tried this mascara?

Thanks for reading,

Wench x

* I've given this a * as I didn't pay for this mascara my mum bought it for me awww!