Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Vidal Sassoon Salonist

photo of Vidal Sassoon salonist hair dye

Hello there! I bring for you a hair dye review (poet and I know it!) following on from when I used PRO:VOKE Hair Colour Remover (link to that post HERE). This is the new Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair dye and I did mine with the colour 5.1 Medium Cool Brown. They had swatches of all the different colours which helped me choose this one. I chose this one because the swatch was a green-brown colour and this was just what I needed to counteract the reddy ginger tones in my hair after the colour removing process.

This is different to your conventional hair dye in that you do the roots first and then the lengths of the hair, and for this reason I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner as doing this is very fiddly and time consuming. However, if your cool with that then it's very much worth it.

photo of hair dye kit

The kit itself includes the usual colour cream and developer that you mix in a tray with the tinting brush that's all included. You get a decent pair of gloves (hooray!) and a big tube of conditioner too (win!). The tray has a marker on that indicates two thirds of the mixture, this is because you use two thirds on the roots and then mix the remaining third with the sachet of serum and use that on the lengths of the hair. This system is slightly flawed because it's a liquid it doesn't stay on one side of the tray but you can figure it out for yourself. 

The formula doesn't drip everywhere, it rinses out easily enough, and it's easy to clean up any smudges you may end up getting around your bathroom! It doesn't dry out your hair like some hair colourants do and considering mine had been stripped beforehand my hair felt nice and soft after use. 

Photo of result achieved with vidal sassoon hair dye

I am happy with the result, there's still a slight red tint in my hair but red is notoriously difficult to remove and it's covered it well enough for me.

It is on the expensive side for hair dye but I got mine on offer for £7.99 HERE (On offer at time of posting RRP £9.99).

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