Friday, 10 April 2015

Freebie Friday! #6

It's FRIDAY! I bring another Freebie Friday instalment to you today but this one is a double whammy! I'd like to introduce another little mini series D.I.Y Beauty which is as the name suggests, beauty that you can make yourself! I was looking for inspiration for Freebie Friday and I remembered a little trick that you can do with a little bit of fixing spray and an eyeshadow of your choice, and thought that's a good idea to share for Freebie Friday. 

All you do is mix a tiny bit of fixing spray (I'm talking like a drop, you can use water too if you haven't got fixing spray) and add your eyeshadow choice (loose or pressed) and mix it together with a brush in your eyeshadow lid/palette/whatever you have to hand (I used a dry shampoo lid!) until you get your desired colour and pigmentation! Apply with a brush to achieve your desired look. I also used some black liner to make the colour pop! 

pic of spray and palette

Then I got thinking about other beauty things you can make yourself with bits of stuff you might already have at home and thought that you might like to join me in a little creative experiment, so look out for D.I.Y Beauty posts in the future!

My next freebie is some more magazine freebies as next months issues start to come out. This time we have Instyle magazine who are giving away 1 of 4 Eyeko products to their readers 

Eyeko mag freebies
This photo came from I do not own it

Also, Cosmopolitan are giving away 1 of 4 different colour CID Nail Polishes! 

Cosmo cover may 2015
This photo was taken from Google. I do not own this photo

I haven't picked these up myself just yet (hence the photo's not being taken by me) but I soon will do!

Freebie Friday is going to become a "as and when I find them" type post in future, but don't worry it's not going away! 

Don't forget to check out my D.I.Y Beauty posts in the future!

Thanks for reading!

Wench x


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