Monday, 27 April 2015

Lacura at Aldi!

I was wondering through Aldi doing my boring food shopping (I hate food shopping!) and I came across these! So food shopping turned into skin care and make up shopping, hooray!

I picked up a Lacura Wondercurl Mascara £2.39, there were a few different ones, including a 3D effect one and a volumising one but the volume brush looked huge and I tend not to get on well with those and out of the other two this one seemed better for me. 

I also bought a Lacura CC Cream in Light £3.99, we'll see how this goes as I find lighter shades in cheaper brands tend to be a bit orangey.

The last make up item I picked up was a Lacura Eyeliner in Black £1.99, these also came in Emerald (green) and Smoke (grey) and they come with a separate sharpener in the box which impressed me because I can never find mine! There were also some eyebrow pencils that were 

Skin care wise I picked up a Lacura Expert Beautifying Serum and Expert Eye Gel, there's lots of funky sounding ingredients in these, the eye gel boasts Kudzu Extract, Mimox, and Caffeine (see what I mean!?) and the serum contains Blue-Green Micro Algae extract and Mimox X (I've no idea what Mimox is!) 

I got all of these for an impressive £16.35! If you like the looks of these I'd be quick as Aldi tend to do these things for like a week only, however I do believe some skin care stuff is available all the time. I've not tried these yet but I'll have swatches and reviews galore once I've give them  a good go! 

Thanks for reading!

Wench x    

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