Monday, 1 June 2015

Mask Monday! #4

Today I bring you Annies Way! 

This mask was a high end treat for myself quite a while back, it's the Annies Way Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask (looooooooooong title!) and it's more expensive than what I would usually go for but I'd heard good things and decided to give it a go.

The tub I have is 250ml and considering it's a face mask that's a lot. This tub has lasted me seemingly forever, I can't even remember how long I've had it! As the title suggests the consistency is like jelly, and it's unlike any mask I've used. It feels as gentle as water and it's really cooling on the skin which makes it so refreshing, and the perfect evening treat on a hot day (not that we have many of those!) There is absolutely no tingle or stinging or anything of the sort with this mask so it's ideal for sensitive skin, so much so I can put this around my sensitive eye area with no problems. It does come with a spatula that your supposed to remove the mask with but I have long since lost that and use a flannel to remove it. 

I feel it does leave my skin looking more bright and radiant after use and I've had no adverse effects after using this. Price wise there are cheaper masks out there that will probably be just as effective but you do get a lot of product for your money so I would say it's cost effective. 

Get yours HERE for £13.90 (correct at time of publishing)

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