Friday, 19 June 2015

My Bare Minerals Counter Experience

I've never been to a high end make up counter before but thought I'd treat myself for my birthday!

I was actually looking for a MAC counter but was misinformed and discovered there isn't actually one in my city centre, I was pretty devastated but decided I'd give another one a try and I'm glad I did. 

I approached the Bare Minerals counter and I was a bit nervous but the lady who served me was lovely. She sat me in the chair and made me feel at ease. She asked me lots of skin related questions and suggested their Bare Skin foundation for me. We tried a few colours and agreed on one (it's worth mentioning I did go bare faced) that matched my face. She gave me the whole skin care routine and encouraged me to use the products myself, letting me try the skin care products and talking me through how to use them. She then did half my face with the foundation to show me how to do it and then let me do the other half. She then finished my face off. She wrote down all the products she used and told me a couple of offers that were on but at no point did I feel pressure to buy anything. Although in saying that I don't think I'd go to a make up counter if I didn't have the intention of buying anything. 

I got the Bare Skin Foundation £26 in the colour Bare Linen 03 and you use this by putting a drop on a stippling brush and laying it down on the skin (I do a couple of stripes on my face) and then buff it into the skin. I thought I'd have trouble with this but it's so easy and the lady shows you how to do it. The finish is medium to full coverage and it has a real skin like finish which I really like. I do however find it a bit moist (love that word!) feeling on the skin which takes some getting used to but setting with powder helps with that.

I also got a Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Blush Balm £20 in the colour Posy Passion. I've never got a long with cream blush (although technically this is a balm!) and the lady put this on me and I fell in love with the colour and how it looks like your blushing from within. She showed me how to apply it and it's easier than I thought although I still need more practise! The pigmentation is just right too, it doesn't disappear to nothing but it's not so pigmented that you put a tiny bit on and look like a clown!

Shop Bare Minerals online HERE or go to your nearest counter.

What are your experiences of make up counters? 

Thanks for reading,

Wench x

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