Monday, 4 May 2015

Monochrome Nails. No tools required!

It's been a while since I did me some nail art so I thought I'd knuckle down and do some! And guess what? No tools required! 

Without further ado let me show you what I did!

You'll need a bobby pin, some cello tape, and some to blob your nail polish on (I used the shiny cover of a magazine!).


First things first, file your nails to your desired shape (I prefer mine oval but whatever shape you like), and make sure you use a base coat. This gives our nails strength and prevents discolouration from nail colours (and trust me, I've skipped this before and ended up sporting yellow tinged nails - not a good look!)

Next, give a thought to what patterns you want. It's much easier and clean looking to put black patterns over our white polish, however I find white polka dots over black polish is fine. We can be as creative as we like so have fun. I painted two nails black and three white in preparation for the patterns I wanted to put on top.

You can do your patterns free hand if you want to but my skills aren't great so you can use cello tape as a template, all you have to do is cut your tape to size, and stick it on your hand and pull it off a couple of times so it's not as sticky, THIS IS IMPORTANT or it will pull your nail polish off. Use your tape as a template like this:

The same principal can be used for straight lines and other patterns. Now onto the polka dots and that's where your bobby pin comes in. Stretch your bobby pin apart, blob some nail polish (on whatever your blobbing your polish on), dip one end of your bobby pin in the blob of polish and use it to make your dots. Work quickly, and keep blobbing polish as it will start to dry out and go gloopy. Make sure you only use one end of your bobby pin for one colour, don't want them mixing! 

Finally, once everything has dried apply your top coat to seal everything off and make your designs last longer! All done!

Thanks for reading!

Wench x 


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