Friday, 22 May 2015

Lacura Make Up from Aldi!

Be prepared for a pic heavy post. I've just discovered how to do collages and got a bit excited!

However, you may remember a while back I bought some products from Aldi (see that post HERE), I've reviewed the skin care items already but today I have the make up items for you!

First up is the Lacura Wonder Curl Mascara £2.39 and for such a cheap mascara I'm so impressed, the pictures speak for themselves really. The brush is a bristle brush and it's curved and I find this kind of brush really easy to work with. It's by no means the best mascara I've ever used but as far as cheap mascaras go I've never found a good one....until now!

Now for the Lacura Eyeliner £1.99 I really wish I could say this was as good as the mascara but I'm afraid I can't. For me, it didn't stay on and the only way I could use it was smudged out (like in the photo above). It's a soft pencil and it smudges super easily but unfortunately it doesn't stay put and slides down the eye as the day wears on.

Finally, the Lacura CC Cream £3.99, and I liked this. The picture inserted above is me (obviously!) wearing the mascara, liner and CC cream only. I found the CC cream shade (which is light) to be a good match for my skin, this impressed me as I find when products have limited shade ranges the light shade is usually too dark for me and goes on orangey (not a good look!). The only problem I had was that once dried, it went a slightly darker shade, this wasn't too noticeable but I had to make sure I blended this thoroughly on my neck otherwise you could see it once it dried. Other than that it's an excellent product, it evened out my skin tone and offers a fair bit of coverage without being heavy. This is ideal for day to day wear and I found I can use this without applying powder over the top. 

I hope you enjoyed my review, have you tried any of these?

Thanks for reading,

Wench x

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