Monday, 18 May 2015

Mask Monday! #2

It's Mask Monday again! 

(The bottom right picture just shows how excited I am! And for my amusement!) 

Today's offering is in the form of Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix it's not just a mask, you can remove make up with it and apply it directly on spots as a treatment, I love this stuff, it's not the first time its appeared on my blog (you can see my previous post on this HERE).

For today's purposes were just talking how it performs as a face mask. It has a creamy texture and is fresh feeling on the skin, the eucalyptus scent is refreshing but it is strong and may put people off trying it. It doesn't sting but it does have a slight tingle which wears off after a little while, because of this if your skin is sensitive you might want to give this one a miss. I like a tingle, it makes me feel like a product is doing something but blemish products do have a tendency to sting, however, this does not! I usually wipe this off with a muslin cloth and then rinse my face to make sure there's none left behind and after I use this my skin feels nice and soft and really clean feeling (if you know what I mean) without my skin feeling dry or tight.  

I do feel like this product really does help keep my, at times troublesome, skin at bay and I regularly use it as a ten minute face mask while I'm chillin' in the tub!

The packaging has changed (mine is old packaging) but get yours HERE and rest assured it is the same thing!

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Wench x     

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