Friday, 15 May 2015

Lacura Expert Skincare

It's review time again!

You might remember these from a couple of weeks back, when an Aldi shop turned into a little beauty haul! See my first post HERE to see what I bought. 

Now I've had some time to test them out I'm going to tell you my thoughts (that is how a review works after all!). We'll start with the Lacura Expert Intensive Care Beautifying Serum, I've used this morning and night since I've got it and my overall opinion is that it's not so great. It didn't break me out which is always a good thing, a little goes a long way, I only needed 3 drops to cover my face and after using my skin felt more moisturised but other than that I couldn't say there was a massive difference to my skin. A point to mention here is that at 25 I'm not massively in need of anti ageing (or at least I hope not!) and I'm not this products target audience so it may be better for someone who is a bit older. 

I did however have some gripes with this product, I found the dropper to be very irritating, it didn't seem to work very well, you press the top and it's supposed to draw the serum inside the dropper and then you press again to dispense, but it was really awkward to get it to dispense so I found myself just dipping it in and then wiping on my hand. The smell is quite off putting too, it smells like aniseed cough medicine and I found the formula to be quite sticky after it's applied. This does disappear when it's sunk in but I couldn't apply make up over this until the stickiness had gone. Unfortunately, Lacura Expert Intensive Care Beautifying Serum gets a thumbs down from me!

Now let's move on to the Lacura Expert Double Effect Eye Gel and this I'm quite impressed with! The gel is nice and cooling around my eyes which feels really nice as my eyes usually feel tired and feel quite hot (sounds strange but I'm sure you know what I mean!). The eye gel doesn't feel sticky like the serum does and it feels nice and light whilst making the skin around my eyes feel moisturised. I find darkness under my eyes is reduced and my eyes in general look more awake. Now I'm not saying it's the best eye cream in the world but for the tiny £3.99 price tag I'm really happy with it and I will use it up although I'd probably not repurchase it as there are other eye creams out there that I prefer to this one. Lacura Expert Double Effect Eye Gel however does get a thumbs up. 

Thanks for reading,

Wench x     

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