Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Slimming World! #3

I thought I'd share one of my go-to Slimming World recipes as well as my weigh-in results today.

I lost 2lbs at Slimming World last Wednesday and got me a shiny sticker and my half stone certificate! Yay! I feel as though this celebration will be short lived as I've been full of a cold this past week and the chances of me losing anything this time is probably nil. I've just wanted to eat rubbish all week and then I lost my food diary and for the most part it's just gone right out the window! My fault I know I'm just hoping for damage limitation now in that I haven't put on everything I lost. Fingers crossed!  

The mess on a plate in the photo above is Egg, Chip, and Pepper Bake with salad dressed in syn-free dressing. All of which is Free, hooray! I'm sure you can figure the salad out for yourself but for the bake I used 4 desiree potatoes, (I think any kind of potato will do) a red pepper and two eggs.

It is essentially posh egg and chips!

  • Peel spuds and cut into chips
  • Boil for around 15 minutes
  • Pop chips into a casserole dish and spray with Fry-Light
  • Season and pop in the oven (220 degrees/gas mark 9) for around 20 mins 
  • Add sliced peppers and combine with chip and cook for a further 20 minutes
  • In the original recipe you make a few holes in the mixture and crack your eggs inside and put back in the oven until the eggs are done
  • I was trying to make it look good so I fried my eggs separately and I was going to put them on top as I usually break them putting them in the casserole dish
  • This was all in vain as I broke the eggs anyway! But I thought I'd include this alternative method as it is how I did Thanks for reading,

Wench x

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