Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nair Wax Strips - What Am I doing Wrong?!

I'm afraid your going to have to deal with some unflattering photos of my legs for this post!

I don't make a habit of posting poorly angled photo's of my hairy legs online but there is a reason i'm doing so. I've always wanted home waxing gizmo's to work for me but alas they never seem to. Wax strips in the past have had a tendency of pulling a layer of my skin off and no hair which makes me sad as I love the idea of waxing my legs then not having to think about it for a few weeks (I'm pretty lazy like that!). So when I saw Miss Budget Beauty rave about these after saying how she had never got on with wax strips, just like me, I knew I had to try them. However, as the photo's above show, it was pretty disastrous, I followed the instructions, even looked up waxing videos online and the same thing kept happening. I'd rub the strip until the writing disappeared, carefully peel the strip apart, then place on leg and rub in the direction of growth and then pull off sharply in opposite direction and every time the strip would come away and the wax would stay on my leg! 

My only conclusion is I must be doing it wrong, and I would love someone to tell me where I'm going wrong! I REALLY, REALLY want these to work for me! 

Get your own Nair Argan Oil Wax Strips HERE currently on special offer at £3.33 (RRP £6.69!) 

Can you help me?

Thanks for reading,

Wench x  

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