Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Collection Extreme 24hr Eye Liner

When it comes to winged eyeliner, I'm pretty hopeless.

It didn't stop me wanting to do it though, and being cat obsessed as I am, I so desperately wanted cat flicks! (Sad but true!) but Collection Extreme 24hr Eye Liner has helped me achieve my dream. It's essentially a felt tip for your face (more specifically eyes!) and being able to hold it like a pen makes it much easier for a noob like me. I'm not saying everyone who gets this will magically be able to wing their eye liner but it helps and with some practice I've finally nailed it.

To do my flicks, I line my upper lash line as usual and then I hold the liner against my bottom lash line, like an imaginary ruler and then press the long side of the tip against my eye to create a template for my flick. I then blend that into the rest of my liner and then set the whole lot with powder before I move onto mascara. I found that quite difficult to describe so I'll add a picture below to make sure your catching my drift!

Look at my concentrating face! Least I've not got my tongue out! Anyway, I have serious creasing issues when it comes to eye make up thanks to my hooded eyelids but this really stays put for me (and I do set with powder too) I think 24 hours would be an exaggeration but certainly 8+ hours whilst I'm at work and with a RRP of £2.99 whats not to love?

Get yours HERE or in your local Boots or Superdrug.

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Wench x



  1. I have a No.7 liner I got free with a gift set somewhere, and I am hopeless with it! My lines are wonky and wobbly, and I can never get the flick just right. I'd like to blame the liner, and for £2.99 I'd love to try this instead! Thanks for posting =]

    1. Sounds lame but practice really does make perfect! And if I'm in a hurry or short on time I don't even attempt to do flicks because I know I'll make a mess of it in a rush! 😆


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