Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Vitamin E Micellar Water

You may have already heard my micellar rant HERE but you may also know that I really love my micellar water and it has it's place in my skincare stash. 

So when I came to the end of my Garnier Micellar Water bottle I thought I'd give another one a go so I picked up Superdrug's own label Vitamin E Micellar Water. I tried a few things from the range, in fact I wrote a review about their All Over Body Cream HERE and most of the range I love but this product unfortunately wasn't a hit with me.

The Vitamin E Micellar Water did remove my make up but it left my skin feeling sore, particularly around the eye area to the point my skin looked a little red afterwards. This could just be because it doesn't agree with my skin but in my experience I found it to be quite harsh. It has the signature Vitamin E smell that all of the Superdrug Vitamin E range has, personally I really like the smell but I've read other blog posts and some people are really adverse to it. If you haven't smelt it, it has a slight cocoa butter smell to it crossed with a very slight, old fashioned face cream smell, kind of primrose-ish. I realise that's a dreadful description and makes it sound awful but it's not awful, I suggest if you find yourself in a Superdrug go and have a sniff! 

I had a gripe with the packaging too, it had lid on it, but when you opened the lid it had another lid, which you push down to open the bottle. I didn't see the point of having two lids, the first one I lost even before I managed to take the photo and the second one where the product came out wasn't the best choice in my opinion. It wasn't so terrible you wouldn't be able to use it but it was a little awkward as it meant the product came out at a slight angle rather than just straight out the bottle onto your cotton pad. I hope that makes sense! 

Vitamin E Micellar Water £2.99 is available HERE or at your local Superdrug store (currently buy one and get the second half price).

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