Monday, 9 November 2015

Got2b Mind Blowing Express Dry Styling Spray

a photo of got2b xpress dry spray

I have to say, since having my son I find washing my long hair such a chore, and drying it even more so! Then I found this!

Got2b Mind Blowing Express Dry Styling Spray claims to add heat protection to your hair, detangle, condition and most importantly speed up hair drying time and I have to say it ticks all those boxes! I spray onto my towel dried hair after I've washed it, give it a good brush through and then dry with my hair dryer and it literally takes me half the time I love it! A few things worth mentioning, it doesn't speed up hair drying time if your just leaving it to air dry, that's probably obvious but I thought I'd chuck it in there and also be careful you don't use too much as it can leave your hair crispy!

It's one of those things that I had seen in my shop and deemed totally unnecessary but I picked it up out of curiosity while it was on offer and I have to say it's earned its place in my stash as I've got better things to do than dry my hair for twenty minutes!

Get yours HERE or from your local store

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