Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Superdrug's Vitamin E All Over Body Cream

There are lots of blog posts out there about shiny, new, hyped up products. But what about those that have a permanent place on your shelf? 

It might not have shiny, bright packaging and it might not be all singing and dancing with a list of crazy benefits as long as your arm but Superdrug's Vitamin E All Over Body Cream is just one of those products that quietly gets the job done. Even my baby boy thinks so! That's his phantom hand in my photo, I did take a nice normal photo but I thought this one was far cuter! 

This tub sits on my bathroom cabinet and quite often gets over looked for newer, crazy scented lotions and potions but in the nice weather we've been having recently my shoulders got pretty nastily sunburnt and the first thing I thought of was this stuff. Yes, it doesn't have sunburn listed as a usage but it's really calmed it down and keeping it moisturised (fingers crossed no peeling!) I use it for all kinds of things, when I have a cold and my nose is all red and sore from over blowing, after I've used the sun beds (which I only sometimes do before I go away, so I'm not glow in the dark white), when I've shaved my legs to prevent a shaving rash (when I can be bothered shaving my legs that is!), oh and as an all over body cream too! 

I really like this cream as I find it sinks into the skin really quick as I tend to find with other body lotions they sit on your skin and leave that horrible moist feeling that lasts for ages. It's also full of good stuff for your skin like vitamin E (you don't say!) vitamins A, B, F and H, coconut oil, and horse chestnut extract. I'm one of those people that will look at the ingredients of something to see if it's really in there and it all checks out with this! It has a scent to it which I like but it's not overpowering or perfumey (new made up word there for you!) It's also on offer most of the time and it's a bargain at full price (£2.99 for 475ml) and because it's Superdrug's own it BUAV approved which means it's not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients (so much so it's suitable for vegans).

I'd go as far as to say it's a skin saviour (cliche alert!) 

Get yours HERE or at your local Superdrug (currently on offer at £1.99!)  

What's your skin saviour?     

Thanks for reading,

Wench x

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