Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Favourite Blogs and Youtubers

Today I thought I'd share my favourite beauty blogs and youtube channels with you! So without further ado and in no particular order here we go!

1. Bubzbeauty - This was the very first beauty youtube channel I started watching! I was looking for hair tutorials at the time, I even used one of Lindy's hair styles for my wedding! She also has a vlog channel and her little family is just adorable.

2. Miss Budget Beauty (blog here- Mikhila has a blog and a youtube channel both of which are updated regularly with amazing content and I love how down to earth she is. I found most beauty blogs seemed to concentrate on high end brands that are generally out of my price range so I love this! She also has a separate channel for less budget friendly purchases!

3. Velvet Gh0st - I love watching Gabriella and her make up always looks so good. She also has a vlog channel and there's just something about her videos which is just addictive!  

4. Cute Girls Hairstyles - When I see the thumbnails for the hairstyles on this channel I always think they look so complicated but when you watch the videos they break it down for you and usually you find it's really easy, when you know how! 

5. Makeup Savvy - I love this blog so much, it's very rare that I ever skip a post from Fee, her photos are amazing and her writing makes for easy reading but still gets straight to the point. Lots of enabled purchases come from her!

6. Makeup Pixi3 (youtube here) - Georgina's blog really helped me set mine up and I learned a lot from her blog series about using Blogger. She has lots of reviews and also a youtube channel. I love her mummy monday posts as my son is only a few days younger than hers! 
7. Miss Makeup Magpie - I like that this blog has lots of variety from high end to drug store and Gemma's reviews are detailed without being essays! She includes lots of swatches so you can get a really good idea of colours! 

Who are your favourite youtubers and bloggers?

Thanks for reading,

Wench x 

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