Sunday, 24 January 2016

The SHOCKING Truth About Social Media

Have you ever scrolled through your social media pages and found yourself looking at someones pictures or status updates and thinking "Wow, don't they have the perfect life?" 

Not to mention the pangs of jealous and feelings of emptiness that go hand in hand with comparing yourself to others. I'll be honest, I've seen some amazing pictures of what friends have been up to and it's made me feel jealous. And I've sat there myself and thought "You have the most amazing life."  

Well I have some SHOCKING news for you. Chances are they don't. The thing about social media is that people only share their highlights, would you share on Facebook that you've just had a blazing row with your boyfriend? Probably not. Would you Instagram a picture of the flowers he bought you afterwards to say sorry? Yeah, you might do but would you say it's because you've made up after a fight? Probably not. You see what I did there? There are plenty of blanks that are not filled in when it comes to what people share online and therefore comparing your life to someone's on social media is pointless because all you get is the highlights, not the whole episode. 

Have a think about who you have on your social sites, friends, relatives, your ex and your mum maybe!? And with those kind of people viewing status updates and photos your definitely going to get a censored and abridged version of someones life. You want to look cool in front of your mates, like you've moved on in front of an ex and like butter wouldn't melt in front of your mum. In which case your not going to mention you were blazing drunk, crying over your ex and puffing on a ciggie the night before!

Nobody (or at least most people!) aren't going to air their dirty laundry for all to see on the internet so just bear in mind when you see the photos and the status's of other people that it might be all smiles and sunshine but they have shit to deal with in their personal life, just like you, and just like everybody else.

Nobody is perfect, and perfection is an imperfection anyway.

Perhaps not as SHOCKING as I made out this to be but it's easy to be misled online, just like the misleading title of this post!

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Wench x   


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