Sunday, 31 January 2016

My All Time Favourite Perfume!

I'll set the scene, your shopping for a new perfume, you've sprayed various testers up and down your arms and your looking for another space to spray yet another. And then you smell it. You instantly fall in love with it. It's you in a bottle.

For me, that's exactly what happened when I smelt Givenchy Very Irresistible for the first time. So much so, it's the fragrance I wore whenever I was meeting up with my now husband in the early days, I sprayed it on my bed sheets when he first came over and I even wore it on my wedding day.

When it comes to fragrance I chop and change so often and I have a staggering collection of perfumes I could probably open a shop (I blame my job for this!) so for me to repurchase a perfume is a rarity and yet it's happened a fair few times with this one. I think I first discovered it when I was about 16 and I still love it today. I recently bought a new bottle having not smelt it since before I was pregnant. Pregnancy changed my sense of smell and my preferences have changed since I had my son and I still love it. It's definitely stood the test of time for me! 

I'm not going to embarrass myself by trying to describe the scent but the write up for the fragrance says that it's made from an alliance of 5 types of roses with top notes of star anise and verbena leaf, heart notes of centifolia and peony rose and base notes of passion, fantasia, and emotion rose. It all sounds very rosy but take it from someone who hates that synthetic, old fashioned rose scent that's in just about everything rose scented, there's not a whiff that here. That probably doesn't help describe the scent and fragrance write ups tend to be mumbo jumbo so all I can say is next time you get an opportunity give it a sniff.

Sense of smell is so subjective and what one person hates another person might love so my advice for choosing perfume is not to be put off if someone says they don't like one that you do. After all your the one who has to smell it and wear it and you tend to find that perfume smells different on different people so always try and test it on your skin. The opposite is true too, if you smell something amazing on someone else be sure to try before you buy as you might find it's not as nice on you as it was on that person. 

Givenchy Very Irresistible (£38 for 30ml) can be purchased HERE  

What's your favourite perfume?

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