Monday, 15 February 2016

My Funny Valentine

I hope you don't mind a different kind of post from me today. I thought I'd share my romantic Valentines day...... Just the three of us!

It was a lovely, sunny but cold day so we decided to make use of our year ticket to Trentham Gardens for a romantic walk. As you can see from the picture above Splodge loved the fountains (that's what he's trying to point at in two of the photos!). Yes, my earmuffs look silly but I get terrible ear ache when it's cold, anyone else have that problem?

Considering we weren't supposed to have been bothering with Valentines day, my hubby got me these really cool card flowers (pictured below). They'll last a lot longer than the real thing! 

And my lovely toddler baby got me this really cute necklace. His daddy told me that some of the money from the necklace went to the Cats Protection League charity. How thoughtful! 

For tea we ordered indian food and my lovely hubby made us cherry pies. Splodge looked like something from a horror film by the time he'd finished his!

Valentines day for us is a lot different than what it used to be (pre-Splodge) but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Did you do anything for Valentine day?

Thanks for reading,

Wench x

P.S. Splodge pointing at things reminds me of the family guy evil closet monkey!


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